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Every day, we receive applications from parents eager to get their children into modelling. With 18 years in the industry, we've built strong relationships with clients who regularly hire babies and children for their campaigns. We work closely with clients, presenting them with shortlists of models that align with their requirements. After a model is chosen, we handle all fee negotiations and then provide parents with the full assignment details. The shoot takes place and the model gets paid, its that simple.

When you join our agency, you'll have the opportunity to set your preferred travel radius in your profile. Whether you're only able to travel locally or you're open to opportunities that require longer distances, we strive to match you with jobs that align with your preferences.

In the modelling industry, clients frequently offer reimbursement for travel, fuel expenses and parking fees. This ensures that models have the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of transportation while still being compensated for their travel-related costs.

There's no strict requirement to provide professional photographs, but it's essential to understand the significance of using high-quality images in your child's modelling portfolio. Whilst professional images can enhance your childs chances of landing an assignment, they are not a guarantee of work and have children on our books who use non-professional photos taken by their parents and still secure paid assignments.

It's important to highlight that in the modelling industry, no reputable agency can promise work for their models. Several factors influence a model's success, including their age, appearance, location, willingness to travel, image quality, and frequency of image updates. While no agency can guarantee your child will get work, as the final decision lies with the client, we do ensure to accept children whom we believe have a strong potential for successful placements.

At our agency, we operate on a commission-based model where we retain a percentage of the earnings from completed assignments secured for our models. Specifically, we retain 25% commission from the total compensation received by the model for each completed assignment.

Yes, you are welcome to work with other agencies. Many models are represented by multiple agencies to maximize their exposure and opportunities in the industry.

No, your childs profile is only visible to clients via our agency's website portal. This allows clients and casting directors to browse through the profiles and select models for various opportunities. We take privacy and security very seriously. Personal contact information and sensitive details are never shared, only essential modelling information and portfolio images are visible.

It's challenging to provide a definitive answer to this question, as a model's work rate depends on various factors including their age, appearance, location, willingness to travel, image quality, and how frequently they update their portfolio.

No, we do not accept everyone who applies. Our agency carefully reviews each application to ensure that the models we represent meet the standards and requirements of our clients. We consider various factors such as appearance, photogenic qualities, and potential for success in the modelling industry. Our goal is to maintain a high-quality roster of models who have the best chance of securing work. If your child is not accepted, it does not reflect negatively on them but rather indicates that they may not fit the current needs of our clients. We encourage applicants to apply again in the future as requirements can change over time

The earning potential for a child model can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of work, the client, the child's experience and popularity, and the industry standards in their location. Generally, child models can earn anywhere from a few hundred pounds to over a thousand pounds for one assignment.

Focusing solely on baby and child talent allows our agency to cater to the significant demand for young models across various industries. By specializing in babies and children of all ages, we can provide a dedicated service tailored to the unique needs of clients seeking youthful and vibrant talent. This approach enables us to establish expertise, build strong relationships, and consistently deliver exceptional results in the dynamic world of child modelling.

The majority of work typically occurs during the weekdays, from Monday to Friday. It's crucial for models to keep their agency informed about their availability throughout the year. Castings and photo shoots in the industry often come with a notice period of between 1-3 weeks. This notice period can vary depending on the client and the specific requirements of the project.

With over 18 years of experience specializing in baby and child modelling, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry. Having worked with thousands of clients and photographers, we have a proven track record of success in finding baby and child models for various assignments and campaigns. Our models have appeared in advertising campaigns, catalogue shoots, television commercials, fashion editorials, and more, contributing to our reputation as a trusted and reliable agency.

Our agency does not charge an upfront joining fee. Instead, we work on a commission basis, meaning we earn a percentage of the income from the jobs our models book. This approach ensures that we are invested in finding the best opportunities for our models. However, we do require a small admin fee to cover the ongoing costs associated with managing and promoting your child's modelling career. This fee helps us maintain our platform, update portfolios, and provide support throughout the modelling journey.